Human Rights Defenders set free after 13 months

Their crime was to hold a press conference demanding peace

Human Rights Defenders set free after 13 months

As soon as the human rights defenders held their press release event in Hatay province of Turkey, they were the target of the Turkish government.

First their homes were raided and they were detained for 3 days.  Then they were released on their own recognizance but had to report to the police every day for the next 13 months for their crime of demanding peace.

Turkey is in an illegal war against its neighboring Syria. When the US and its stooges, the Islamic terrorist organizations, attacked Syria, being a NATO member, Turkey joined the fray. Turkey was aiming at benefitting from the attack by dismantling the Kurdish formation on the Syrian side and also grabbing some land in the hopes of starting to reestablish the old and collapsed Ottoman empire. Both objectives failed miserably.

Many not under the nationalist and racist propaganda, saw the disaster Turkey was headed towards. Socialists, patriots, academicians, teachers, doctors, and human rights activists opposed the adventure undertaken by Turkey on behalf of NATO. Turkish government never forgave them for doing so.

Physicians organizations, academicians, teachers and other organizations faced their fair share of the wrath sprung on them by the Turkish government for demanding peace. Many academicians and teachers are currently in prison for voicing their support for peace instead of war. Doctors’ Association recently received jail sentences for the same reason.

The 16 human rights activists in Hatay were kept under control after their 3-day detention by having to check in every day at the police headquarters. They were also banned from leaving the country.

On March 22, 2019, the suspects were relieved of their check-ins after the court determined they had not broken any laws. However, the decision was not delivered for two months until May 22.

16 people, including a 74-year-old activist and their lawyers spent 13 months commuting to police headquarters every day and prevented from travel for the suspicion of demanding peace. Turkey uses these measures on any opposition, even when it is obvious that what the activists do or say very obviously does not break any laws.

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