Unemployment in Turkey Hits a new High: 13.5%

With the addition of more than 1 million new unemployed, the official unemployment figure stands at 13.5% in Turkey

Unemployment in Turkey Hits a new High: 13.5%

The Statistical Department of the Turkish government released the latest figures of employment.  These figures reflect the numbers from December 2018 but are widely considered to be doctored to hide the real figures.

The released figures show that on the last month of 2018 those who were without a job aged above 15 years increased by more than 1 million and reached 4,302,000 compared to the same month the previous year.

The total unemployment figure jumped to 13.5%.  The unemployment in non-agriculture sector showed a 3.3% increase since last year and is predicted to be 15.6%.  A higher increase was recorded in the youth unemployment, those between 15 and 24, where the 5.4% increase led to a 24.5% jobless rate.

The figures published by the Statistical Department does not include the unemployed who have given up the search for a job.  DISK, the Confederation of the Progressive Labor Unions, criticized the figures as a whitewash since the actual unemployment figures are much higher than those published.

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