Sendika.Org will not be silenced!

We’ve faced the 49th restriction against our site and we’re continuing with This is a world record. A record, both for AKP government restricting access to the same site over and over again and for us overcoming the barriers of the AKP government against our news

We began this journey in 2001 when internet usage in Turkey was still limited, aiming to be the voice of both the global labor fight and the movements against globalization and the capitalist politics. For the past 17 years, through hard work and self-finance, we’ve been the information source, intellectual platform and the voice of social opposition by publishing and producing news of rebellions of nations, fights for rights and labor movements from Turkey and all over the World. Reaching out to great masses by digging holes within the censorship walls of the political power and being an active subject of the social movement surely raised political power’s hostility against us.

While producing and publishing the news of the rebellions, of the labor fights, we’ve also learnt and grown. We’ve live-broadcasted the fight of Tekel workers in Ankara 24/7, who were opposing changes in their working conditions and ended their protest successfully after 78-days. With this experience, we founded “Çapul TV” during “Gezi Protests” which became a nationwide rebellion against the retrogressive politics and the pressures of AKP government in 2013. With Çapul TV, we’ve reached out to millions, being the only internet television in Turkey that can broadcast live from Gezi Park. As Sendika.Org, during Gezi Protests, our news got richer and richer through the information sent out to us by voluntary reporters reporting from the barricades all over the country. During this period, we became the source of confirmed information against the dominant media censorship with our daily 200.000 individual viewers. In time, within the conditions where Turkey and Middle East are dragged into war, we’ve sent our reporters to conflict zones and barricades to be the voice of not just the West or the East of the country but of all the territories resisting. We’ve always cared about and made use of the collective news practices heritage of labor fight history. Through the power we’ve derived from this heritage, we’ve produced our news with a platform independent alternative media understanding, getting use of all the new communication technologies. We’ve enriched our reach through our fellow sites like “” who has the greatest news and article archives in Turkish regarding the progressive social movements in Latin America; “” who has been founded during “Arab Spring” to follow the progressive nation movements of Middle East; “” an internet television serving the labor movement and the union fight; “Hayır TV” the common voice of the opposers of 2017 Turkish presidency referendum on social media. We’ve been one of the major organizers of the “Labor Film Fest” since 2006.

We’ve began our 17th publication anniversary with access restrictions from Turkey, law suits and custodies against our editors. Against the first restriction wave of July 2015 we responded: “We neither accept tyranny nor bow to censorship! Sendika.Org will not be silenced!” and continued our news directing to a new site: Within 24 hours, was also restricted and our new address became “”. Until now our site has been restricted after – or sometimes before- almost all social movements. And we continued our journey by opening up new sites like,… This vain censorship attempts were multiplied before the April 2017 referendum where the new constitution was voted and became a daily routine. One of our editors, Ali Ergin Demirhan, was taken into custody after a raid to our office and detained unlawfully for 6 days since he criticized the illegitimate result “Yes” of the April 2017 referendum. Another editor of ours, Çağlar Özbilgin was taken into custody when he went to courthouse to testify for another trial against him and released after his testimony.

On July 4, we’ve faced the 49th restriction against our site and we’re continuing with This is a world record. A record, both for AKP government restricting access to the same site over and over again and for us overcoming the barriers of the AKP government against our news. We’re sure that AKP government’s pressure and attempts to censor us will increase as their oppressive, unlawful, retrogressive politics continues. But we will continue on our path stating the same response against fascism over and over again “ will not be silenced!” We will not stop defending and working for people’s right to communicate and receive news. We’re proudly announcing to all fellows or enemies out there, that we will continue our news, knowing that resisting against injustice and censorship through our pens, cameras, keyboards and words, on our desks or on streets is a historical responsibility

We know that you’re our fellow and ally on this rightful fight and request your support to carry our voice to greater masses all over Turkey and the World. Please share our story via your social media accounts stating your support. #sendikaorgwillnotbesilenced #newsforeveryone #sendikaorgsusmayacak #herkesiçinhaber #sansürekarşısendikaorg    #sendikaorgsusturulamaz

In solidarity

Sendika.Org team