Minute-by-minute: Turkey’s June 24 elections

Turkey has gone the polls for electing its president and 27th term parliament which will consist of 600 parliamentarians. 56.322.632 voters will cast their votes on 180.065 ballots between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00 today. Sendika.Org is reporting the latest news on June 24 general elections with the contribution of volunteer correspondents.

End of the one-day story of June 24 general elections of Turkey. Struggle continues… 

01:59 – Turkey: Citizens have waited for protecting their votes for hours in front of district election committees by the call of CHP and Muharrem İnce. Citizens could not find CHP executives by their side and experienced disappointment and anger after the failure declarations of CHP executives.

01:50 – Turkey: Presidency candidate Muharrem İnce sent a message to the media outlets and declared that “I approve that Erdoğan has won” and stated that he will make an official statement on 12:00 on 25th June.

01:35 – Ankara: First statement of HDP after the elections: HDP co-general presidents Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli hold a press conference and stated that “HDP has understood the messages of its voters and will continue to struggle resolutely by not disappointing these messages. Co-presidents called form ending the manipulative information, ending the attacks against the citizens who protect their votes and continuing the democracy struggle.

00:35 – İstanbul: After Tayyip Erdoğan declared a victory based on illegitimate election results, the citizens crossed the path of pro-AKP car convoy, closed the street for vehicles and expelled AKP car convoy by chanting “Get out AKP, this country is ours”.

00:30 – Kocaeli: AKP supporters fired guns into the air during touring around the city and tried to attack against the citizens waiting in front of the Supreme Election Committee.

23:40 – Antakya: After the manipulative illegitimate election results released by Anatolian Agency, AKP supporters started to tour around Armutlu district with a car convoy. The citizens took the streets after the increasing harassments and started to wait in front of the Indoor Sports Hall.

23:15 – Ankara: The police attacked against the citizens who have been waiting in front of Batıkent Şevket Evliyagil Occupational High School, the group has dispersed.

23:10 – Göztepe/İzmir: The bus has run before taking all vote bags in front of İzmir Göztepe Girl’s Occupational Technical High School and the citizens reacted that.

23:05 – Kocaeli: An unidentified group attacked CHP Kocaeli Derince district center with stones and sticks.

23:00 – Ankara: Nearly 200 citizens are waiting in front of Anıttepe Anatolian High School which is one of the most important vote collection centers and are chanting “Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance”.

22:50 – Ankara: The police attacked against the crowded citizen group who have been waiting in front of Mamak District Election Committee, a citizen has detained.

22:40 – Mersin: The citizens in front of the courthouse intervened the unsecure carriage of vote bags Police attacked the citizens who gather together in front of the courthouse.

22:05 – Kocaeli: Kocaeli CHP Provincial Chairperson Cengiz Sarıbay said that Kocaeli CHP city center was besieged.

22:00 – Ankara: A fascist attack attempt has happened against HDP Keçiören District Center; the building was evicted.

21:50 – Ankara: Ankara Bar President Hakan Canduran warned all citizens for not to leave the ballots. Canduran said that “All lawyers of Ankara Bar Association have been working on not subjecting our citizens to thievery of votes. Do not leave in front of the district election committee”.

21:40 – Ankara: Hundreds of citizens are continuing to wait in front of Mamak District Election Committee.

21:30 – Ankara: Citizens are gathering together time to time and chanting slogans in Kızılay. Police is attacking the groups who try to enter Kızılay. The police forcefully evicted the citizens who are chanting “Right, Law, Justice” from Selanik Street.

20:59 – Ankara: The polis is trying to forcefully evict the citizens in front of Mamak District Election Committee. Citizens are resisting to the police by chanting “This country is ours, we will not leave it to the thieves”. Citizens are continuing to wait with saying İzmir Anthem.

20:50 – Ankara: Nearly 200 citizens are waiting in front of Mamak District Election Committee for protecting their votes.

20:40 – Ankara: A crowded group of citizens are waiting for protecting the votes in front of Batıkent District Election Committee and the police is threatening them to intervene. The citizens are continuing to wait.

20:16 – Ankara: A crowded group of citizens tried to go in front of the Supreme Election Committee and when the police warned them, they started to say İzmir Anthem and went away from the barricades. Citizens have been trying to go in front of the SEC until the closure.

20:12 – Ankara: Two civilian cars tried to take the votes away before the vote counting process ends in Mamak Ege High School and citizens stopped them. Citizen surrounded the cars and are waiting for the police to come. Citizens are chanting slogan of “Right, Law, Justice”.

19:54 – Ankara: Sakarya Avenue near the Supreme Election Committee has evicted. The cafes and pubs have closed.

18:40 – Ankara: Citizens protested the closure of the area in front of the Supreme Election Committee. After the protest, a university student has detained from where the citizens are sitting in Sakarya Avenue. Detained citizen was imposed a fine and released.

18:00 – Ankara: Police warned the citizens who are gathering together in front of Supreme Election Committee and made an announcement saying that “We will smash you” and evicted the citizens.

17:05 – Ankara: Presidency candidate Muharrem İnce arrived in front of Supreme Electorate Committee and made a call of “Do not leave the ballots until receiving the original signed election documents. I am calling out to all my citizens, go in front of the election committee centers”. İnce said that “I will be fallowing the election results in the nearest area of Supreme Election Committee. Lawyer friends, wait for the news from me. Wait in the ballots. Do not believe frustrating news.”

17:00 – Turkey: The ballots have closed in all electoral areas. Vote counting process has begun.

16: 20 – Ankara: Presidency candidate Muharrem İnce call for all voters to come their ballots at 17:00. İnce shared a message saying that “I call every citizen who did not vote to cast their votes and everybody to come to their ballots. Hold firm, we will succeed”.

16:05 – Ankara: AKP supporters are making propaganda by distributing voter information papers to people in the stands they establish in the schools. Lawyers demanded the removal of these stands but their demands were rejected in three schools. Lawyers filed a rejection appeal to district election committee.

15:53 – Ümraniye/İstanbul: A pro-AKP voter who did not sign after voting and then demanded to vote for the second time and pro-AKP school attendants attacked firstly to MHP member balloting attendant who said that his vote will be canceled and then to CHP member balloting attendants who were trying to break up the fight. The police came to the ballot area and an ambulance was brought in front of the school.

15:34 – Eskişehir: After the argument between two AKP observers and a voter, all observers were evicted from the ballot room in 2316 numbered ballot in Eskişehir Mehmetçik Anatolian High School.

15:20 – Ankara/Urfa: CHP and HDP made an application separately to Supreme Election Committee for investigating and taking measures about the violations encountered in Urfa, notably in Suruş district.

According to the report of Alican Uludağ from Cumhuriyet daily newspaper, CHP made four applications to Supreme Election Committee about the incidents in Urfa and demanded for taking measures about hindering observes in the villages and block votes. HDP’s SEC representative Pinar Akdemir also made an application for investigating and taking measures about the violations encountered in Suruç Yukarı Bostancı Primary School, Suruç Hürriyet Primary School, Suruç Süleyman Şah Secondary School, Suruç Anatolian High School, Suruç GAP Anatolian High School, Suruç Atatürk Primary School ve Suruç Anatolian İmam Hatip High School.

15:10 – Hakkari: Citizen from Ceylanlı village whose ballots were carried 25 km far away in Hakkari arrived their ballots and casted their votes.

15:05 – Urfa: It is alleged that it has not given seal and voting paper to the voters in Bolatlar and Vize neighborhoods in Urfa, Akçakale district by not allowing to vote for the parties Except AK Party.

15:00 – Ankara: The police chief said to the volunteer lawyers in Sincan Özkent Akbilek Primary School which was once raided by AKP supporters that “We can not guarantee your life safety, do not go back to the schools you work”. Lawyers will continue to work in other schools.

15:00 – İzmir: AKP deputy candidate Necip Nasıl and AKP youth section members who came with an autocade to Çimetaş Primary School in Bornova battered HDP members who reacted against them. There are policemen waiting with long barreled weapons in the schoolyard.

14:50 – Ankara: CHP school attendant Fırat Yüksekyol was batteres by pro-AKP and pro-MHP election observers in Atam Primary School. Lawyers and the police wrote a minute about the case. The lawyers turned back to their colleagues.

14:38 – İstanbul: There are power failures in Bakırköy and Yeşilköy districts. It is stated that it is a medium voltage failure and it is estimated that the power failure will continue until 17:30. (Dokuz8 Haber)

14:35 – Muş: A video of a pro-AKP voter who cast block vote was exposed. It is seen in the video shared by HDP Muş deputy candidate Mensur Işık that pro-AKP voter is casting two votes with a note writing “Ak Party despite [AKP deputy candidate] Mehmet Emin Şimşek”.

14:30 – Ankara: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe delegation made a statement to journalists and stated that they could not send observers to Urfa where it has been coming intense election irregularity reports for “security reasons”.

14:30 ­ – Ankara: The police took strict security measures around the Illegitimate Palace in Beştepe. It has been using police buses and armored police vehicles as well as trucks of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the security measures around Supreme Election Committee and Illegitimate Palace.

14:25 – Malatya: There are vehicles without plate around Atatürk Secondary School and Özel İdare Primary School in Malatya.

14:10 – Ankara: AKP member balloting committee chairperson has caught while throwing the casted votes away from the ballot in Batıkent Anatolian High School. It has written a minute about the balloting committee chairperson.

14:00 – Ankara: Former AKP minister and Ankara deputy candidate Yalçın Akdoğan entered to the school manager’s room with a crowded group and closed the door in Ankara Yaşamkent. This move caused allegation about “There is a secret meeting. They will rig the elections”. The citizens in the school protested Akdoğan. While a minute was written about the case, Akdoğan sent to his automobile accompanied by the police.

13:49 – Bursa: Election observers did not allow a citizen who intent to enter the voting cabin with a old woman in NSAB Primary School in Bursa. His son who seal the already sealed voting paper of the woman and turned her vote invalid was taken into custody. AKP members and election observers had an argument and a minute was written about the case.

13.32 – Suruç/Urfa: According to the allegation of Halk TV, a person was killed and 3 were wounded in the armed fight during the voting process in Suruç Girl’s Anatolian Imam Hatip High School.

13:20 – Artvin: It was sent balloting committee seals of Kemalpaşa district to many ballots in Hopa district of Artvin. As a result of the objections of the observers, the voting process has suspended and the seals has changed. Voting process resumed after the transaction.

13:17 – İstanbul: AKP member neighborhood representatives attacked against İyi Party Deputy Ümit Özdağ in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School in Kağıthane district.

13:00 – Ankara: The building of Supreme Election Committee in Mithatpaşa Avenue has been surrounding with police barricades. There also barricades ready to use on the road going to SEC.

13:00 – Van: The voters whose ballots were carried to another places by SEC in Van took the road for voting on early morning. The ballot of Damlacık neighborhood of Özalp district was carried to Turgalı neighborhood on the border of Iran which was 8 kilometers far away.

According to the report of Mezopotamya Agency, 55 years old Xunav Bilen who is one of those walked the road for protest said that “carrying the ballots does not mean anything to us. We casted our votes and came back. If God lets, we will win”.

12:55 – Hatay: It was brought five police buses without plate to 5 schools in Aşağı Okçular Neighborhood in Defne district of Hatay. The shady persons in the buses allowed for voting. The buses left the schools after the reactions.

12:53 – İstanbul: It is learned that the vote bag was sent without seal to Mahmut Erseven Primary School in Beşiktaş. Balloting committee members wrote a minute about the case. (Dokuz8Haber)

12:49 – Ankara: CHP Chairperson Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu casted his vote in Arjantin Primary School in Ankara, Çukurambar once again. Kılıçdaroğlu stated that “There are complaints coming from East and Southeast” and warned the public officials:

“Here I issue a laud and clear call to all public officials. Please do not forget that you are civil servants. You are not a servant of any political party. You have to work for the perpetuity and the future of your state. Do not remain under pressure of anybody. There are complaints coming from East and Southeast. Therefore, it is my duty to draw attention of all public officials. The elections should be overshadowed for making Turkey’s name in the world as a democratically advanced country. I repeat one more time; I am warning the public officials, please do your duties”.

12:39 – İstanbul: A person who was identified as voting three times with three different ID cards in Uğur Erkey Primary School in Sayıyer was detained as a result of the complaint of balloting committee members. Committee members warned the attendants who check the ID cards about the photo matching.

12:38 – İstanbul: HDP İstanbul deputy candidates Oya Ersoy, Ahmet Şık and Erkan Baş made a joint statement about the irregularities happened in Kurdish cities: “Let’s respond the corruptions in East with solidarity from West! Let’s disappoint their tricks and conspiracies. Let’s raise the hope, let’s hold on our duties much more!”

12:35 – Ankara: When the volunteer monitoring group Oy ve Ötesi [Vote and Beyond] observers objected the irregular transactions of the balloting committee members who enter the voting cabins with old-age voters in Akbilek Secondary School in Sincan district, AKP and MHO observers blocked the Oy ve Ötesi observers. Meanwhile, the police attacked the observers with tear gas. An observer who evicted from the building said that there are HDP and CHP observers in the building as well as AKP and MHP members. AKP and MHP members are chanting slogans in the school.

12:35 – Suruç/Urfa: Supreme Election Committee made a statement about the block voting of the relatives of AKP candidate İbrahim Halil Yıldız in Suruç. According to the news od DHA, SEC president Sadi Güven stated that “It was taken administrative and judiciary steps about the allegations on security towards some ballots in Suruç”.

12:29 – Mardin: HDP Mardin deputy candidate Dilaver İnal said that Yeşilli Municipality Governor Hayrettin Demir from AKP threatened the balloting committee by saying that “It will be voted for the absents. I am the authority here”. İnal told to Mezopotamya News Agency that Governor Demir is violating the election rules.

12:20 – İstanbul: A fight was happened after the allegation of irregularity in Ahmet Haşim Primary School in Bayrampaşa district. A citizen who was trying to capture a video of the incident was attacked by the attendants from AKP.

12:20 – İzmir: In İzmir, there are 2-de code stickers on the walls around almost all schools towards young voters. The aforementioned 2-d code is directing to a website which includes the commitments of Tayyip Erdoğan for the youth.

12:10 – Urfa: After the successive election irregularities happened in Urfa, the hashtag “#Urfaseçimleriiptaledilsin” [#Cancel Urfa Elections] ranked among TT list.

12:05 – Urfa: CHP Party Assembly member Mehmet Ali Çelebi wrote about the irregularities in Urfa in his second Twitter post that “We have records, our rejections are ready”.

11:50 – İstanbul: A person who voted twice was identified in Çeliktepe Secondary School in Kağıthane. It was written a minute for the case.

11.50 – Erzurum: CHP Balıkesir Deputy Ahmet Akın said about the “Ministry of Interior attendant cards” that the Ministry of Interior has no authority to arrange attendant cards but only the political parties in the elections can. Akın called for writing minutes about those who have the aforementioned cards.

11.50 – Suruç/Urfa: Emine Şenyaşar whose husband and two children were killed by the relatives of AKP candidate casted her vote in Fethi Şimşek Anatolian High School. According to the news of Mezopotamya Agency, Şenyaşar reacted to AKP candidate İbrahim Halil Yıldız and his relatives and said that: “My God, please do not accept this cruelty. Let this vote be fruitfulness. If God lets, they will be overthrown. Do not vote to them. Do not vote. They murdered my family before my eyes, you stayed silent.”

11:40 – Kocaeli: AKP members attacked the election observers in Uğur Mumcu Secondary School in Gölcük district.

11:37 – Urfa: CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Emir told to Sözcü Newspaper that they had to withdraw their election observers in many villages of Urfa, notably Eyyübiye and Haliliye villages because of the batteries and threats towards the observers in Urfa. Murat Emir said that he talked with Orfa City Governor and it will be taken measures and that “but the ballots are cleared form the opponent members and get ready for block voting by now. We wrote the minutes. We will make the necessary objections.

11:30 ­– Ankara: In Altındağ Nazife Hatun Primary School, the balloting committee members are manipulating the illiterate citizens by entering to the balloting cabins with them and saying them to vote Erdoğan’s party. The complaints of the lawyers are not being writing to minute.

11:23 – Urfa: CHP Party Assembly member Mehmet Ali Çelebi who went to Urfa by calling for volunteer observers for protecting the ballot expressed in his Twitter account that “Our election observers were forcefully evicted from ballots in nearly 30 villages of Şanlıurfa”.

11.05 – Urfa: According to the reports of Mubasir.com, it has been heard irregularities from Urfa one after another:

*HDP observer was battered in Suruç Anatolian High School. A block voting was casted with 120 envelopes.

*The women were not allowed to vote in 2044 numbered ballot in Bulduk village of Eyyübiye district.

*It was reported that the men voted instead of the women in 1196 numbered ballot in Geçit village.

*It was reported that the village headman threatened his familiars from İyi Party by saying that “Do not come to the ballot” in Yenisu Primary School in Haliliye district.

10.57 – Haliliye/Urfa: According to the report of Mubasir.com,CHP election observers were not allowed to the ballot rooms and were battered in Uluhan Imam Hatip High School in Haliliye district of Urfa.

10.55 – Ankara: Lawyer Hazal Serdar from Ankara Bar Association forcefully evicted by the police after the complaint of balloting committee chairperson because of that she objected to the irregular transaction of the chairperson in Atatürk Technical Occupational High School.

10:55 – Soma/Manisa: The ballot chairperson of 1014 numbered ballot in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School in Soma tried to evict the election observers of CHP but the observers did not leave the ballot.

10:51 – Erzurum: AKP Municipality of Tekman and Karaçoban districts allocated attendant cards of Ministry of Interior to its employees. The employees with attendant cards are entering the balloting sites freely.

10.45 – Suruç/Urfa: It is reported that it was casted block vote in 1043 and 1044 numbered ballots in GAP Anatolian High School in Suruç district of Urfa. It the video recorded by a citizen in the locale, it is heard that the people are reacting to the authorities by saying that “They used package vote. This ballot will stop now”. It was alleged that AKP member İbrahim Halil Yıldız and his bodyguards came to the aforementioned school.

10:25 – Etimesgut/Ankara: In Ülkü Durusoy Secondary School in Etimesgut, the petition right of the observers and lawyers has been blocking by the balloting committee. Observers and lawyers have been trying to be removed from the school.

10.13 – İstanbul: The argument between MHP observers and HDP observes turned into a fight in Abdülhak Hamit Secondary School in Zeytinburnu district. A HDP member wounded from the head and was taken to the hospital.

10: 00 – Edirne: Arrestee presidency candidate of HDP, Selahattin Demirtas casted his vote in Edirne F Type Prison. It was shared a photo of Demirtaş with arrestee Hakkari deputy Abdullah Zeydan (HDP) who are in the same prison and a message from the Twitter account of Selahattin Demirtaş.

09:50 – Bağlar/Diyarbakır: In Bağlar district of Diyarbakır, three people were caught while trying to enter Mesut Yılmaz Primary School with 1000 sealed envelopes and voting papers.

09:45 – İstanbul: In 2128 numbered ballot of Bahçeşehir-Boğazköy İMKB Technical and Anatolian High School, the balloting committee chairperson from AKP threatened the permanent member from CHP and attacked to a woman polling clerk.

08:35 – İstanbul: While it is taken strict measures in the school in Üsküdar in which Tayyip Erdoğan will vote, the police searched the voters who came to school to vote.

08.10 – Çiğli/İzmir: It is revealed that the polling clerks of HDP are blocked in the attendant lists which were sent by the Supreme Election Committee to the balloting committee chairpersons in Şehit Ali Karaoğlan Occupational and Technic High School and Hasan Sağlam Primary School in Çiğli district of İzmir. It was arranged an official document for the case.

8:00  – Turkey: Voting process has begun.

07:25 – İstanbul: Election observers who arrived İlhami Ertem Secondary School in Kozyatağı were waited at the door on the excuse of “bomb reconnaissance” for about 25 minutes. Meanwhile a police officer said that the envelope sealing process to which the observers have the right to monitoring has begun.

07:00 – İstanbul: Both the preparations and the irregularities for the general elections in İstanbul which has the most important share in general election results in Turkey because of the number of the voters begun as of early morning. Sendika.org is reporting the latest news with the contribution of volunteer correspondents.