İrfan Değirmenci’s house was targeted early in the morning

The house of journalist İrfan Değirmenci, who was fired from his job as news anchor at Kanal D because he declared that he would vote “no” in the 16 April referendum, is hit in a gun attack

Anchorman İrfan Değirmenci, fired from his channel Kanal D because he declared that he will vote “no” in Turkish Referandum says that his house was targeted but he is ok.

While police took people from their houses in İstanbul because they make propoganda against the result “yes”, Anchorman İrfan Değirmenci’s house was shot.

Değirmenci announced the case from his Twitter account says that: “My house was targeted by guns this morning. Police says that it can be “stray bullet”. I’m ok. Don’t get worry.”

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